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When you don’t know what to say, say it with food

Posted by Lila Horrell on

At JUK we are constantly amazed by how many meals we deliver around town every week on behalf of generous friends and businesses who want to look after the people who are important to them.

Whether it’s to celebrate a new baby or offer condolences to someone going through a more challenging time, we’re always honoured to know that our meals are helping make someone’s day a little easier – with a guaranteed fresh, easy and delicious dinner on the table. 

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Ain't no Christmas party like a JUK party!

Posted by Lila Horrell on

Whether you’re ready to think about it or not, the festive season is sneaking up on us and it always pays to get your Christmas party planning done early, so you don’t miss out! At JUK we love creating fun and fabulous party menus to perfectly suit your party theme. From beach-side BBQ lunches to classy cocktail parties and fancy full-service dinner soiree’s, we’ve done it all.
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Where to even START when it comes to wedding catering?!

Posted by Lila Horrell on

At JUK we cater more and more weddings every year! And understandably food and drink is a major part of your wedding day experience AND your budget, so it can be a big decision to decide what is right for you. 
Catering costs can vary quite significantly, depending on your venue and the style of dining that you choose. Some venues offer all-inclusive packages and provide catering in-house, while many others are ‘dry-hire’ giving you more flexibility in your catering choices. Marquee weddings can offer you full creative licence but you'll need to allocate a budget to build a pop-up kitchen (don't worry, we've catered in a paddock in the pouring rain - anything is possible). 
At JUK we specialise in grazing tables and canapés after the ceremony, followed by shared platters served family-style for the main reception. We love the interactive dining experience this brings to the party. Desserts and petit fours are followed by endless dancing, and you may well want to treat your guests to a late night snack (our sausage rolls have a bit of a reputation, as do our parmesan hot chips!)
But at the end of the day there are no rules - it's your day - and increasingly we are seeing a trend towards casual weddings with no sit-down meal and more walk-&-fork-style menu’s - this can work out to be a more affordable option as well. Most of our wedding menus range from $70-$130 per person but there are many ways we can adapt our food and the menu to work with any budget. 
We can also supply front of house staff to serve our food to your guests and then support your event with whatever additional duties are required. This may include assisting in styling and setting up the reception area, setting the tables, building and running the bar, cocktail services, and packing everything down at the end of the night. We are very experienced in working with and supporting other wedding vendors such as venue managers, wedding planners, stylists, photographers and florists in making sure your day goes exactly to plan. So you can relax and enjoy every moment without having to worry about the details!
Every wedding we cater for is special and unique and there is definitely no "one size fits all". Talk to us today about your specific vision for your big day!

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BBQ Season

Posted by Jess Daniell on

With spring in our step and daylight savings giving us an extra hour of sunlight it's time to get the BBQ's clean, the tongs out and the steak marinating. 

After what has seemed like the winter that went on forever, with the BBQ couped up under its cover, it's vital we get her all cleaned up for the summer months ahead. There are so many different tricks for cleaning BBQ's out there but I personally like the stress-free, mess-free option - oil the BBQ up, get it burning on a high heat and let the cleaning take place without moving another muscle. Another thing I like to do it to pour a little beer on it to really make sure shes squeaky clean. 

As quintessential kiwis, we all know what we like when it comes to BBQ'd proteins but what people sometimes put aside is the marinade, which in my opinion is one of the best things that can happen to a cut of meat or grilled veggies.

My personal favourite is the humble green dressing, it can be adapted with the smallest of tweaks to inspire a different flavour combination, poured over grilled veggies to create a Gado Gado salad or by adding some extra Dijon mustard it can be used as a marinade for steak, chicken or fish. 

Green Dressing 

2 garlic cloves 
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard 
3 Tbsp lemon juice 
1 Tbsp sugar 
1 tsp chilli flakes 
Large handful parsley, including stems 
Large handful coriander, including roots
Large handful spinach 
3 Tbsp white wine vinegar 
1 cup rice bran oil 
salt and pepper 

Makes 3 cups 
Takes  10 minutes 
DF | GF | Vegan 

Add garlic, mustard, lemon juice and chilli flakes to the bowl of your food processor. Pulse to break down the garlic. Add herbs and spinach, then blitz to a paste. With the food processor still running, add the vinegar and then drizzle in the oil. Season with salt and pepper to taste. 

This recipe is such a great base - for a Mexican-inspired dressing I add a handful of jalapeños, for a Mediterranean touch I throw in a few anchovies and some capers - and it's a fantastic way to use up herbs that are bolting in your garden or looking slightly wilted in your fridge. Use it to dress salads, vegetables, eggs and meats. 

One final trick that is relatively unheard of is based around the kiwifruit - if you peel and mash a kiwifruit up and add it to your marinade, the natural enzymes will help tenderise the meat, especially steak. - NOW THIS will make for a seriously kiwi summer. 

Recipe from page 75 of My Underground Deli

check out my full interview with the AM show on how to create the ultimate summer BBQ here

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Meet the Team Monday

Posted by Jess Daniell on

We have a little saying at JUK - 'Team Work Makes the Dream Work' - and it's pretty bang on with this gang of boss ladies (and Jono). Meet our creative little team and get an insight into the characters that make and serve up your home-cooked happiness.
Meet Holly - Front of House, Herne Bay 
Usual hours? 
4-7pm a few nights a week & Saturdays. 
Favourite 'rush' of the week? 
Saturday lunch rush - everyones always stoked that its Saturday, the vibes are high and in the spring/summer its awesome seeing everyone out the back enjoying the sun.
Favourite cabinet food from the deli? 
the chicken rice paper rolls - they aren't always in there but when they are i cant resist buying them whenever they are! 
Favourite work playlist?
Probably the top 50 - always good to have something to hum along too when closing.
The best thing about working at JUK? 
Saturdays - everyone is so relaxed when they come in, happy to be around and stoked to have their mid morning coffee. 
Meet Jordy - Front of House Coffee Extraordinaire, Herne Bay 
Usual hours?
6:30am - 4pm Monday - Friday.
Favourite 'rush' of the week?
Friday Assembly Mom Rush - every second week, always such a buzzing hour on a Friday, which gears us up for a fast-paced Friday. 
Best JUK bap? 
Bacon & egg, of course, a daily classic!
Favourite work playlist?
Anything with a bit of reggae.  
The best thing about working at JUK? 
The team of girl boss' (obviously). 
Meet Kath - Baking QUEEN, Herne Bay 
Usual hours? 
6am - 2pm Monday - Friday.
Favourite thing to bake for the JUK customers? 
Double chocolate chip brownie cookies - YUM! 
What music gets you through the early hours of the morning at JUK? 
I listen to ZM in the kitchen, always good for a laugh.
Favourite JUK cabinet food? 
The healthy raw beetroot slaw, to offset the sweet baking I do all day!

What do your afternoons hold post-work? 
Move to my second job - Mum Life.

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