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We have a little saying at JUK - 'Team Work Makes the Dream Work' - and it's pretty bang on with this gang of boss ladies (and Jono). Meet our creative little team and get an insight into the characters that make and serve up your home-cooked happiness.
Meet Holly - Front of House, Herne Bay 
Usual hours? 
4-7pm a few nights a week & Saturdays. 
Favourite 'rush' of the week? 
Saturday lunch rush - everyones always stoked that its Saturday, the vibes are high and in the spring/summer its awesome seeing everyone out the back enjoying the sun.
Favourite cabinet food from the deli? 
the chicken rice paper rolls - they aren't always in there but when they are i cant resist buying them whenever they are! 
Favourite work playlist?
Probably the top 50 - always good to have something to hum along too when closing.
The best thing about working at JUK? 
Saturdays - everyone is so relaxed when they come in, happy to be around and stoked to have their mid morning coffee. 
Meet Jordy - Front of House Coffee Extraordinaire, Herne Bay 
Usual hours?
6:30am - 4pm Monday - Friday.
Favourite 'rush' of the week?
Friday Assembly Mom Rush - every second week, always such a buzzing hour on a Friday, which gears us up for a fast-paced Friday. 
Best JUK bap? 
Bacon & egg, of course, a daily classic!
Favourite work playlist?
Anything with a bit of reggae.  
The best thing about working at JUK? 
The team of girl boss' (obviously). 
Meet Kath - Baking QUEEN, Herne Bay 
Usual hours? 
6am - 2pm Monday - Friday.
Favourite thing to bake for the JUK customers? 
Double chocolate chip brownie cookies - YUM! 
What music gets you through the early hours of the morning at JUK? 
I listen to ZM in the kitchen, always good for a laugh.
Favourite JUK cabinet food? 
The healthy raw beetroot slaw, to offset the sweet baking I do all day!

What do your afternoons hold post-work? 
Move to my second job - Mum Life.

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