Free delivery for central auckland suburbs

Frequently Asked questions

How many people does a JUK meal feed?

We have introduced some new meal sizes for 2018.

JUK Mini – junior versions of our daily fresh meals, perfect for a school-aged kid and light on the spices.

JUK Regular, Paleo & Vegetarian - designed to feed one hungry adult.

JUK Family - spice-friendly, family serves that are perfect for two adults and two children (hungry teenagers may be better suited to a JUK regular meal!)

I'd rather pick up my fresh meal from one of your stores?

No problem. We start cooking at the crack of dawn so your meal is ready from 8am daily. Our stores are open until 4pm. Otherwise we offer a free delivery service within 10km radius from each of our stores, or a small $10 fee if you fall outside of this zone. 

I’ve ordered dinners for the week. Will everything be delivered on Monday?

Our fresh meals are only available on the day they are made, as we cook them fresh each day. So Monday’s meals are delivered (or ready to collect) on Monday, Tuesday’s meals on Tuesday, etc. Meals are available for collection from 8am daily, or delivered within normal business hours (10am-5.30pm). If you're worried about your fresh meal being delivered when you're not at home, why not have the delivery made direct to your workplace?

How does delivery work and what time can I expect my meals to be delivered?

Free Delivery is available within selected Auckland postcodes, within a 10km radius from our stores. If you fall outside of this zone, you can still have JUK meals delivered for a small fee. Orders should be received by midnight for next-day delivery.

We aim to deliver meals within the free delivery zone between 10am-5.30pm daily – dependent on traffic and number of deliveries on any particular day.

If you live in Auckland but are outside this radius, we'll still deliver to you for just $10. Because these deliveries come via a third party courier, expect them to arrive between 5-8pm in the evening.

I’m gluten-intolerant. Can I order your meals?

Many of our meals are naturally gluten-free. Our paleo meals are always gluten-free. We do not operate a gluten-free kitchen so all meals may contain traces of gluten.

I’m pregnant. Can I order your meals?

That is totally your call! We’ve fed many happy, healthy bumps and mums-to-be. As long as you reheat the meals correctly there should be no safety issues, even with rice-based dishes as we cook everything fresh on the day.

I want to eat-in at your deli. Why are your coffees served in takeaway cups – isn’t this bad for the environment?

We hold takeaway licences at both of our delis. All our packaging - coffee cups, coffee lids (a lot of lids are recyclable, but not compostable), plates, cutlery are 100% biodegradable, compostable and organic. They all go straight into a designated compost bin (along with our food scraps) which are picked up twice a week by local company We Compost. We like to think that we’re helping the planet rather than attributing to waste!

If you don't have a compost bin at home or work, leave your meal packaging out on your next delivery and we'll take it away for you and put it in our big compost bins. Or if you're popping into one of the delis for coffee, feel free to bring your used packaging in and dispose of it in-store. Together we can improve waste management, reduce greenhouse gases and protect the environment!

Are your ingredients organic and free range?

We believe in sustainability and supporting local suppliers and businesses as much as possible. While our ingredients aren’t 100% certified organic, we only use free range meats and eggs in our food.