What makes JUK different from the rest?

What makes JUK different from the rest?

Someone recently asked me what our point of difference is in a now fairly crowded meal-kit world. Obviously I know why JUK is the best but I realised that not everyone else does. So I got thinking about our main pros & cons, and put them down in a list for your reading pleasure! 


No subscription – order what you want, when you want, so you never end up with a meal you don't like.

Menu changes every day – always fresh and seasonal, and published weekly so you can decide what looks delicious.

No cooking – we slave away over a hot stove so you don't have to.

No dishes – forget about scrubbing a blackened pot, you an even eat right out of the bowl if you want! 

Inspired by home cooking – you get to eat what I want to eat, every night of the week. No mass production, no machines. Just honest home cooking with quality ingredients.

More time for you – bypass the supermarket and have dinner delivered directly to your door. Forget about meal prep, our homemade dinners are ready to heat & eat. Go to the gym, spend extra time with family, catch up with a friend after work – the choice is yours!

Environmentally friendly – 95% our packaging is compostable and what can't be composted is 100% recyclable.

Small business – support local and join the JUK community today!


You have to cook for yourself on Saturday & Sunday...

...or stock up on JUK frozen meals and let Jess feed you every night of the week!