Dinner delivered to your door

Good news — we've been approved as an essential service.

As we are sure you are aware, the New Zealand Government moved the country into Level 4 lockdown as a response to Covid-19. We have closed the doors of our delis, but we are considered to be an essential service for home delivery of food and food packages.

“Any entity whose primary function is the supply, delivery, distribution and sale of food, beverage and other key consumer goods essential for maintaining the wellbeing of people and essential supply chain elements.”

We will be giving our over-worked delivery drivers a break while the kitchen team restocks the freezers, but we will be redelivering frozen meals from Monday 30th March and throughout the lockdown period.

We are still supplying to selected supermarkets and we have been approached to increase that distribution. We will let you know via our social channels when availability changes or increases.

We are working really hard to make sure that our staff and family are safe during this time and we hope you are doing the same. The health and safety of our loved ones and the rest of the community is paramount!

Stay safe and look after yourselves.

Lots of love
Jess & the JUK team

What makes JUK different from the rest?

Posted by Jess Daniell on

Someone recently asked me what our point of difference is in a now fairly crowded meal-kit world. Obviously I know why JUK is the best but I realised that not everyone else does. So I got thinking about our main pros & cons, and put them down in a list for your reading pleasure! 


No subscription – order what you want, when you want, so you never end up with a meal you don't like.

Menu changes every day – always fresh and seasonal, and published weekly so you can decide what looks delicious.

No cooking – we slave away over a hot stove so you don't have to.

No dishes – forget about scrubbing a blackened pot, you an even eat right out of the bowl if you want! 

Inspired by home cooking – you get to eat what I want to eat, every night of the week. No mass production, no machines. Just honest home cooking with quality ingredients.

More time for you – bypass the supermarket and have dinner delivered directly to your door. Forget about meal prep, our homemade dinners are ready to heat & eat. Go to the gym, spend extra time with family, catch up with a friend after work – the choice is yours!

Environmentally friendly – 95% our packaging is compostable and what can't be composted is 100% recyclable.

Small business – support local and join the JUK community today!


You have to cook for yourself on Saturday & Sunday...

...or stock up on JUK frozen meals and let Jess feed you every night of the week!


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