Remuera is open

Remuera is open

We finally opened the doors to our beautiful Remuera store, 10th July 2017, and we couldn't be prouder. We are overwhelmed with the response from our new locals and cannot believe the full cabinet sells outs from day one! 

Our new beauty is open 7am -7pm, Monday - Friday. You'll find an array of beautiful cabinet food just like Herne Bay, as well as shelves packed full of deliciousness from local business', a freezer stocked full of our frozen meals and our fridge stocked with delicious daily dinners. 

Our soon-to-be amazing Remuera based kitchen is not quite up and running. At the moment our delicious cabinet food is being made by our super-woman chefs in Herne Bay and being shipped over daily. Our daily meals are doing the same. For now, the meals are available for pick up from 2pm in Remuera, but still available to pre-order online, or in store, before 10am on the day. Fingers crossed our new kitchen is ready soon! 

Day one was nerve wracking, hectic, but so much fun! We met so many excited and happy customers, some of which have already become regulars, Cathy, who bought our very first pre-paid coffee card, has been in every day since! 

The biggest request we received during week one was for the humble date scone, a request we couldn't ignore - from that day forward, we created the JUK date scone, with a delicious home made date jam, these sell our daily before 10am.

We are overwhelmed with the love and support from the community and can't wait to become an institution within it. Serving up our atomic coffee, home made sweet treats, delicious cabinet food and feeding you and/or your families both fresh and frozen meals. 

JUK Remuera - 158 Remuera Rd, Auckland