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Every Monday we introduce a new member of the JUK team! From baristas to chefs, from behind-the-scenes accountants to event managers, here's the crew that keeps JUK ticking.



Wency is one of our happy chefs (although we might lose him to Mexico... he’s just been on holiday and won’t stop banging on about how great it was!) always making a mess (but those are the best cooks — anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a tidy cook either!) can whip up a mighty fine dressing out of nothing and always uses too much chicken in his sandwiches.

From one of his fellow chefs: "When it comes to our house-made JUK chutneys and dressings Wency is our secret ingredient!" We love ya, Wence!



This is Dee, our bubbly Assistant Deli Manager. She hails from Canada (not the US, as some of you may guess from her accent), speaks fluent French and she has hospo in her blood. She's also a DJ! Vivacious, hard-working and super-friendly, you'll find Dee across both stores so be sure to say hi!



Drew is our super-smiley barista who works across both Herne Bay and Remuera. She's studying gaming design! We love her calm vibes and excellent coffee, and most of you won't know this but she loves a dance-off to Boney M when she's cleaning down at the end of the day!



You might not believe it, but it takes three Jess' to keep JUK running! Jess B is our in-house accountant, she keeps things ticking with an impressive filing system, and makes sure we all break for a healthy lunch. Charming and gentle, Jess B is the glue that holds our office team together! 



Macy has been around since almost the start of JUK – some of you may remember her being tied up outside La Boulange in the early days! Black and white = very on-brand. She is cuddly, loves hanging out in the office and is always on the lookout for crumbs.



Amit is a bit of a comedian, once you get to know him. Big heart and always helpful no matter the task. He works in our Remeura kitchen and is affectionately known as the Wrap King!



Rebekah is a young go-getter and full of energy – you'll find her keeping both of our delis running like well-oiled machines. She loves helping out at events and is pretty handy on the coffee machine, too.



Harriet has been with us for 2 years and is an integral part of the JUK kitchen team! Originally from the UK and worked in Queenstown before she found us. A salad queen, my right-hand woman at weddings and events, and one of the hardest workers I know.  



Have you met Matt, our friendly and conscientious delivery driver? He’s so switched on and has changed our lives for the better! And currently only one parking ticket under his belt.



As our Events Manager, Lila spends her week meeting with clients, planning menus and is a bit of a champ behind the bar at any event! And if that wasn’t enough, Lila is also a customer service superstar and manages our in-store and online product inventory! 



You'll find Julia elbow-deep in flour and dough every morning, pumping out fresh scones, muffins, slices and all of your favourite JUK sweet treats. 

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