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The JUK Lunch

No two JUK lunch spreads are ever the same ?Çô every day the chefs create a scrumptious range of filled sandwiches and delicious, nutritious salads ?Çö seasonal, tasty and healthy!

?Çö Selection of filled sandwiches and baps
?Çö Bowls of salad to share*
?Çö Fruit platter to share
?Çö Selection of sweet treats to share

*Number of salads based on number of people:
10-20 people ?Çö Two salad options to share
21 or more ?Çö Three salad options to share

Please select the number of people you require catering for below. Minimum 10 people for JUK lunch catering. Please allow 48 hours' notice upon ordering. Please specify delivery time and any special delivery instructions in the order comments box.The JUK Lunch comes on platters, designed for sharing. Platters will be collected by our drivers the following work day.

For individual lunch boxes, please see our JUK Lunch Box offer.

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