Dinner delivered to your door

Finger Food

Finger Food

Ready to entertain with minimal effort?

Talk to us about our range of bite-sized snacks and delicious platters delivered to your door to make entertaining a breeze. From workplace lunches and platters to large-scale corporate functions and office events, we're here to deliver a flavour-packed menu of finger foods that will set your special event apart from the rest.

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There are no commitments – we are flexible!

We know you lead busy lives - you can simply order what meals you would like each week with no commitment for the following week.

Our meals are ready to eat!

We take the hassle out of cooking. Our chefs prepare your meals for you – you’ll find cooking and reheating instructions on the packaging of all our meals.

Our meals are made fresh daily & delivered daily!

Our fresh meals are only available on the day they’re made, as we cook them fresh each day.

We only use high quality, seasonal ingredients!

We believe in sustainability and supporting local suppliers & businesses as much as possible. We only use free range meats & eggs.

Our packaging is Environmentally Friendly!

All of our packaging is 100% biodegradable, compostable and organic!

Our menu is varied so you’ll never get bored!

Not only do we change the menu daily, we also offer dietary options including vegetarian, paleo, keto and hungry.