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The importance of healthy, homemade food has become ever more present and we’re all wondering how we can get more of it. For many of us, (especially me!), our social feeds are full of drool-worthy dishes we wish we had time to make, if not master! At JUK, that’s what we’re here for — to help these delicious meals make it to your dinner table. 

Fresh Salads

Fresh from our kitchen

Our kitchen in Morningside whips up fresh salads and cabinet goodies with seasonal ingredients daily — all delivered by our JUK team to our delis in the morning. Our veggies are sourced from local growers and all of our meat and eggs are free-range (always!). For busy city workers or parents short on time, our salads and cabinet food are there to make healthy lunches possible. Life and work can make us incredibly time-poor but we all crave healthy, satisfying fuel that’ll get us through the working week. And for those of us not craving it, we’re here to help entice you! To find out all of our four deli locations, click here. 

Seasonal Tomato Salad
One of our latest daily salads — full of fresh seasonal green tomatoes, spinach, chickpeas and our signature green JUK dressing.

Snapped frozen from fresh

Wondering about our frozen meal range? Our premium frozen meals are all made by our chefs from scratch in our kitchen. Even our sauces, marinades and dressings are! Snapping fresh veggies to frozen alongside the best quality proteins — makes sure all the goodness is kept intact. Getting homemade meals on the dinner table when you’re heading back to school and work — is a daunting task. The dread of ‘returning-to-routine’ is never one (most of us) embrace! The time to cook up mouth-watering meals you had on holiday is no longer — so that’s what we’re here for! Check out all frozen meals here.

No mess, no hassle

Our curries, homemade pies and veggie sides need simply heating...and eating! Taking away the mess removes a daunting task after dinner is devoured, too. Our meals can go straight into the microwave, or oven, and our packaging is easily recycled or used again. Our family-sized meals that come in foil trays can be used again and our single meal packaging is home compostable. Easy as that!

Bio-pak Packaging

Our single size meals come in Bio-Pak trays made from sugar cane — pop these straight in the oven or microwave. Your dinner will be free from that dreaded pile of dirty dishes!

Delicious, healthy and homemade

From lip-smacking Chicken & Mushroom pies to Beef & Mozzarella Lasagne — there’s something to suit every taste-bud and impress the fussiest of eaters. If you’re a curry fan but don’t want the hassle of making one from scratch, we’ve got Tamarind & Coconut Fish Curries, Green Thai Curry Sauce and more just ready to fulfil your curry craving. They’re easier than takeaways without all the nasties. If you’ve got little juniors in your family, we’ve got them covered, with our JUK Junior range, too. Keep a couple in the freezer and you’ve got their early dinner sorted in minutes. 

JUK Curry

Our Tamarind & Coconut Fish Curry is full of spices and only goodness— think mustard seeds, curry leaves, pops of tomato and coriander.

Check out all our meals online at or visit one of our four delis around Auckland — we’d love to meet you! To learn more about our delis, visit our latest blog post here. If you’ve got any other questions, send our team an email on

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